Bulkhead Man & Sons LLC

Since opening for business in 2001, The Bulkhead Man & Sons LLC has been offering cellar doors and installation in Southern NH and Northeastern MA.

From custom cellar doors to standard-size bulkheads, the products we install are made of heavy-duty steel for long-lasting performance. With a team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals, we can handle any of your cellar door questions and needs.

Located in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire, we are proud to serve Southern NH & Northeastern MA. Please call us at 1-603-673-2718 to ask about our products, services or warranty.

Here are some of the things that set us apart from our competitors:

  • Our #1 focus is on 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Free budgetary estimate
  • Industry-leading 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • High-quality custom cellar doors and standard sizes to fit any project
  • Reputation for providing the best fitting doors for every job
  • Dedicated employees that value respect and professionalism


The Bulkhead Man Team

Craig MacCorquodale


Kelly MacCorquodale

Owner/Office Manager


Testimonials for The Bulkhead Man & Sons LLC

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Did a great job, very professional.

Nancy G. of Belmont, MA

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I am absolutely thrilled with the job Craig did. The new bulkhead fits perfectly, looks great and was installed in a single day. The old dog house was such an eye-sore that I’m just so thrilled to see it gone. I had originally contacted Craig 3 years ago, and was planning on moving forward when it we noticed a leak in the roof, which led to needing a new roof. Finally, after several other higher priority jobs (including a new heating system, insulating the basement and walls of the house, and installing a french drain) I contacted Craig this summer. He was able to pick up right where we had left things, and we got started immediately, so I appreciate that! Wish I had been able to get the work done sooner.

Anthony H. of Bedford, MA

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I spent 4 months researching options within the Boston area. I had a metal shell bulkhead door – both in the ground and on top. The entire unit was rusting and needed to be replaced. Contractors recommended cutting the unit out and putting in a concrete form, brick walls or pour concrete around existing unit. All bad ideas if you ask me. The Bulkhead man arrived on-time (AM after 2 hour drive in from NH) with 2 helpers (his own son). I was most impressed with the Bulkhead man team – not only did they do a fantastic job, the quality of the bulkhead used and the finished product just makes me smile every time I see it. It is water / air tight and most of all gives me peace of mind that it will never need to be replaced. You get what you pay for and the costs definitely justify the means. One nice thing the bulkhead man does is add a larger unit or collar to support a better fit and larger opening (depends on your situation). I think you get my point when I say – I beat the heck out of researching the bulkhead door vendors, installers and options. I must say that this was one of the best experiences and decisions I have made associated with my remodeling efforts. The team did a great job and was well worth the few extra money. Happy homeowner in Waltham, MA.

David W. of Waltham, MA

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It was awesome. He was fast and we thought inexpensive. He was great. The quality was perfect. They cleaned up.

Janis R. of Raymond, NH